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Jim was the first to respond to my inquiry. He was very competitive pricing. He was early for our appointment and kept me in the loop as he did his work. He took pictures of evertything he found and sent me a nice report with his findings. Went great. Nice guy.


Jim was responsive to our inquiry on New Years Eve, flexible in scheduling our appointment, arrived promptly, was knowledgeable and thorough, and provided a complete report within 24 hours. We'd highly recommend Jim.


Jim provided a friendly, professional and quality service. He arrived at the job site early and was very helpful throughout the entire process. I'd recommend Pastin for any inspection needs.


Jim is one of the most honest and professional people I have ever met. He is very easy to converse with and was extremely thorough during the inspection process. I highly recommend him for anyone that is in need of a home inspection and I will without a doubt be referring anyone I know to Jim for their home inspection needs. Appreciate your work Jim!


Jim has been very responsive, professional and amazingly helpful. I do not live in the area where I purchased a number of rental properties. Jim really took the lead helping me with scheduling and coordinating the inspections. His Inspections were very thorough and helped me eliminate one of the properties that would have been a real money pit with some hidden structural issues not readily observable. I value relationships and working with people I genuinely like. Jim is a good guy and I've enjoyed working with him on a professional and personal level.

Richard S.

5 Stars

This was an all around great experience from Jim being responsive, on time and did a thorough job inspecting our house. The final report was great and we received it quickly after the walk through.

Adrienne D.

5 Stars

Jim was prompt, professional and did a thorough job. When my builder wanted insurance copies prior to the inspection, he did provide the documents in a timely manner. As we had no agent and were dealing with the builder direct, having a home inspection made sense and Jim did give us the confidence we needed before we closed the sale.

Glenn C.

5 Stars

Nice and professional

Megan R.

5 Stars

Jim was great to work with! He was diligent in his inspection and also took the time to explain the items on it. The report was professional and broke down any and all concerns along with recommendations/best practices. I went with Jim because of the many positive reviews; after the inspection I too recommend Jim as a top-notch home instructor.

Kirsten L.

5 Stars

I have to introduce myself, a rarity, because I do NOT use my Veteran status for attention, personal gain, or any kind of notoriety! However, in this case my background will hopefully lend a hand in my description of the services provided by Jim Pastin! I am the first and only ( to date) Master Sniper in the history of the USMC/DOD/NATO. ( Wikipedia, 2019). There is a lot of history there I will not cover but suffice it to say that after 30 years of Service to this Nation, Combat on 4 Continents, numerous wounds and injuries, I am a man of my convictions. I also served as a US Army Ranger ( first enlistment), a USMC D.I. ( Honor Man Class 1-90) at MCRD San Diego, and at OCS, Brown Field, Quantico, and as a member of s selected Special Security Detachment for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, and Sec Def ( General Vessey/Admiral Crowel, and The Honorable Mr Casper Weinberger)The Pentagon. Nuff about me... But... the purpose of that diatribe I try to avoid, is that I am s US Marine through and through! Extremely picky when it comes to the selection and/or services provided to or for my family! My attention to detail, observation skills, people reading and physiological profiling abilities are above average. Jim is the epitome of a Professional Contractor as we, the American Consumer desire, hope for, yet very rarely are privileged to find!! His professional demeanor is no-nonsense yet very friendly. He left me and my wife with a very satisfied feeling that our home inspection was thorough, fair, and to the point of being exhausting... in a good way!! Jim is in great shape, has the physical appearance of a Marine, and the energy of a young kid right out of High School! His pricing is well below his performance level and my new home is pushing 5,000 square feet, a factor for which Jim did not automatically tack on hundreds of dollars! His set fee was below the estimated cost given by three other competitors bids for this job! I can not recommend this Man, Company enough! I threw myself under the bus with my intro only to set the tone for the standards I maintain and for others to have as a baseline for my comments. I'd hire Jim in a heartbeat to conduct ANY professional Contracting Service! Respectfully, Neil K Morris MSgt. USMC ( Ret.) Master Sniper USMC/DID/NATO

Neil M.

5 Stars